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We want your child actor, dancer, model or performer.
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    LaToya Rivers  LaToya Rivers is a natural hair stylist and entrepreneur that has been styling and educating people in the hair and beauty industry for over 17 years. Espresso Culture was founded in 2009 due to her new passion for anything natural in the hair and beauty industry. Being a model, author, and motivational speaker has inspired her to teach many classes and seminars and now create the Kansas City Natural Hair and Wellness Expo; bringing together culture, education and to give inspiration.

    EsCU Models and Development Group was founded in Feb 2010 and is another entity of Espresso Culture. LaToya fills a void in the market for up and coming natural hair models who train to become professional models in the industry under her brand. They are developed in the areas of photography, print, runway, and media with her team and professional affiliates.

    I bring hair, art, and fashion to life in a stimulating culture in my city through classes, personal styling, events and shows.

    Espresso Culture
    Espresso Culture
    Espresso Culture
    Espresso Culture
    Espresso Culture

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    EsCu Models

    EsCu The Tour-Vintage Style, Presentation, and Professionalism Are you an actor, model, dancer or singer? We are looking for you for upcoming projects with our partners and business affiliates. Join the EsCu Family today.

    EsCu Models and Development Group is the premier choice in Kansas City for developing and training young men and women in the professionalism of the modeling industry.

    We bring the top professionals in the industry to give you all the tools you need to excel in the area’s of runway, print, photography and fashion.

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  • About EsCu Models

    EsCu ModelsPhotography Classes and Posing Classes-This class will teach you about how to pose and be creative while taking pictures, learning your best features, lighting, and knowing what makes a great photo shoot.

    Pageant 101- This workshop will help you with being confident on the stage, runway, interviewing and gown choices for your big day.

    Total Look Package-This workshop focuses strictly on defining your look in the areas of hair, makeup and fashion to set you apart from every other model in the industry. W will help you find your signature look.

    Modeling Workshop-This class is an intense class for aspiring models and experienced who want to make sure they get to the next level of modeling. The class is once a year and mandatory for anyone who models in the KC Natural Hair Expothat is held annually in August. This class covers everything in the modeling industry. Interviewing, runway, media, print, and total look.

    Etiquette Classes-This is a Free Class for EsCu Models that teaches you proper placement and usage of silverware, mannerisms, and behaviors to avoid while being a lady or gentleman in a proper setting.

    EsCu Style Team- Our style team consist of the Premiere Hairstylist, Fashion Stylist, and Makeup Artist
    Our team can be contracted for any event, show or expo.

    We Redefine Natural Beauty Through Hair, Art, and Fashion.

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